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The Ragdoll cat is a blue-eyed, pointed cat with hair that feels like rabbit fur and is resistant to matting. Altered males can be upwards of 20 pounds, with females being proportionately smaller. Ragdolls love to follow you from room-to-room, sleep with you and just, generally, be your best friend, soulmate, shadow and companion. Ragdolls are large, gentle giants who willj win your heart forever.

I have retired from the breeding but thank you to all who made this adventure successful! I had the time if my life and met many wonderful people. Thank you for visiting my website. My mommies, daddies and I have bred FORTY-SIX (46) CFA Grand Champion Ragdolls. I also so proud to be the breeder of CFA;s First National Winning Ragdoll (GP, NW, RW Bordeaux LTD's Enzo Purrari). Enzo is lovingly owned and was beautifully presented in the CFA show rings by Jim Flanik of Northfield, Ohio. Jim campaigned Enzo to the title of National Winner as the 10th Best Premier in the World, 3rd Best Premier in the Great Lakes Region and Highest Scoring Ragdoll Alter in the World for the show season ending April 2012. A record for Ragdolls, as no Ragdoll has ever been a National Winner since we were accepted for Championship Competition on May 1, 2000.Thank you Jim for presenting Enzo so well!!. However, not to be outdone, Jim Flanik does it again this show season (ending April 2013). His second Ragdoll from me is now CFA's second National Winning Ragdoll. GP, NW, RW Bordeaux LTD's Carroll Shelby is 14th Best Premier in the World in CFA and 4th Best Premier in the Great Lakes Region. Carroll is Jim's second Ragdoll from Bordeaux! It is amazing that Jim attained a National Winner title on a Ragdoll last show season, and he's done it again this show season with Carroll Shelby -- two years in a row!!!! Skies the limit boys! Grand Champion Bordeaux LTD's Risky Bizness, DM attained the title of Distinguished Merit (DM) after his name for producing 15 CFA Grand Champions (though now he's produced 18)! We are also proud of Champion Sandollrags Walker who has now produced Seven CFA Grand Champions/Premiers! Thank you Walker for producing such beautiful babies with my girls. I am proud to announce that my 46th Grand Champion (GC Bordeaux LTD's Justin of Bloomdolls) attained the title of Grand Champion in one-show in Korea; lovingly owned by Sunhee Park in Korea.Justin is the first CFA Grand Champion in Korea! Thank you Sunhee for showing Baby Justin!

I welcome your inquiries about adopting one of my precious babies. My babies are top quality Ragdoll kittens, some of the kittens I have available will have their brother(s) or perhaps a sister(s) shown in the CFA show halls and attain the title of CFA Grand Champion. The babies I have available are top quality babies from Grand Champion daddies and in some cases Grand Champion mommies. However, I just can't keep them all, so some of my babies are available to selected, loving homes. I am so confident in the health and soundness of my Ragdolls that I offer a five-year written genetic guarantee and a lifetime HCM guarantee! I am an active exhibitor in the Cat Fanciers Association ("CFA"), the world's oldest (having celebrated its 100th Anniversary), largest and most prestigious cat registery. My babies are my pride and joy and an integral part of my family.

Now let me explain about this wonderful breed --

The Ragdoll: The Blued-Eyed Pointed Cat: With their soft rabbit-like, low shedding, matt-resistant fur and beautiful blue eyes, Ragdolls are known for their exceptionally tolerant dispositions and sweet docile temperaments. They tend to go limp when picked up just like a child's ragdoll. They get along well with adults, children and dogs. They are easy to train, they even love to play fetch, walk on a leash and have a low sweet voice. Owning a Ragdoll is like owing a small puppy dog in a cat’s body. If what you want is a shadow and constant companion and “soulmate,” then the Ragdoll is for you! Not only will they sleep with you, but they will follow you from room-to-room, as they need to be your constant companion and shadow!

The Ragdoll is a large, floppy, people loving cat that is toted to be the largest, semi-longhaired cat, adult males can weigh from 15 to sometimes 20 pounds in adulthood, with the female proportionately smaller. Slow to mature, the Ragdoll does not bring in its full color or attain its full weight until they 3 or 4 of years of age. The Ragdoll comes in three patterns: the bicolor with an inverted white v on their forehead (or a raccoon-type mask, if you will); the mitted with white mitts on the front feet and white boots on back legs (with a filled in mask; and the colorpoint with no white. Ragdolls are born white and later develop into some of the following colors: seal; chocolate; blue; lilac; red; cream; tortie with three colors; and lynx with tabby markings. The bluer the eye color the better; however, loss of blue eye color can be noted in some of the dilute colors (blues or creams). However, the Ragdoll is a blue-eyed pointed cat (pointed means color on the tail, ears and some type of a face mask. True Ragdolls DO NOT come in and any other eye color exept blue or solid body color (black and white, mink with aqua eyes or solid white, minks, etc.). These are not 100% Ragdoll, but, in fact, are Ragamuffins, a cross between a Ragdoll and another breed of cat. There is no such thing as a nontraditional Ragdoll either.

On May 1, 2000, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world’s largest cat organization, accepted the Ragdoll for championship status, after 7 years of provisional status. Ragdolls can now compete for the title of Champion (winning six winner's ribbons on six different judges) and then Grand Champion. However, the title of Champion in CFA can be attained without any competition if one is the only male or female being exhibited in six rings of that color class and is, therefore, easy to attain. Now the title of Grand Champion in CFA, or any cat association, is very difficult to attain. To become a Grand Champion in CFA, a whole (intact male or female meaning they can produce or sire babies) must beat 200 other champion cats present (Maine Coon, Persians, Colorpoints, Exotics, etc.) in what are called finals (receiving one point for each champion they beat, or final against).

An altered or spayed Ragdoll (or cat) in CFA, must earn 75 points for his/her Grand Premier title (the equilvalent of the title of Grand champion, but the cat in question has been neutered, altered or spayed), or again, one point for each Premier (champion) cat they compete against and beat, or final.

In TICA, one final wins a Ragdoll (or any cat) the title of Champion; six finals under four different judges (and three in the Top 5 in Speciality Rings (competing against only the long-haired cats) or Top 10 in Allbreed rings (competing against long-and short-haired cats) get the title of Grand Champion.

In ACFA, Ragdolls (or other cats) must win six finals under six different judges for the coveted title of Grand Champion. So, in all three cat associations, the title Grand Champion is difficult to attain and highly coveted, whereas the title Champion, especially in CFA and ACFA, is quite easily attained if you are the only open male or female being exhibited or your color on that day at that show! The title of Champion in ACFA is easily attainable, if you are the only cat being exhibited in your color class.

So, don't be deceived by those that say the sires or dams are champions; that's the easy title. The title of Grand Champion is the most highly-coveted title, other than the title of National Winner title. It is my belief that a good cat (whether it be a Ragdoll or another breed) should be able to compete in all three cat organizations and win the title of Grand Champion! This is truly a measure of the cat's structural quality. All breeds have conformation standards by which they are judged, and a certain amount of points are allocated on how closely each cat meets the standard of its given breed.

In the 1960’s, Ann Baker in Riverside, California, was believed to have created the Ragdoll by breeding a white semi-long haired female cat called Josephine, and a seal point mitted-type male (a female from this mating then bred to a black Burmese-type male). This low-maintenance, docile, gentle loving and good-natured breed is everything one could ask for in a family pet or companion!

Cat associations dedicated solely to Ragdolls include: RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International) and RI (Ragdoll International), Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide (RFW) and Ragdolls of America Group (RAG, a CFA Ragdoll club), of which I am the Secretary/Membership Director.

I personally believe that we, as serious breeders/exhibitors, should not advertise in local newspapers. Our marketing venue should be our Internet sites, "CATS USA", "KITTENS USA" and "Cat Fancy" magazine, as well as on-line Internet breeder referral-type services (FBRL, for example). If we breed, I firmly believe breeders should exhibit their Ragdolls to see how closely the breeder is breeding to the standard of perfection for the breed. A serious breeder/exhibitor is striving to produce the perfect Ragdoll (though there is no perfect Ragdoll), but they try to produce one that closely resembles the standard. I, for one, strive to produce Grand Champions and during the show season ending April 30, 2006 my moms and dads produced 10 Ragdolls that attained the title of Grand Champion/Grand Premier (many of whom have gone to loving homes); a record to date, for any Ragdoll breeder worldwide. To me, this is what sets a serious breeder/exhibitor apart from a "back-yard breeder." Remember, anyone can have kittens or puppies; be careful about from whom you purchase your baby! Cheap, bargain supposed Ragdolls are probably not 100% Ragdoll. Buyer aware! I strongly advocate that you only purchase a baby from a person who has exhibited or exhibits their Ragdolls; again, remember anyone can have puppies or kittens!

Now, the Breed Standard: The head is a medium-sized, broad modified wedge, with a round, medium length muzzle and a strong, well developed chin and slightly rounded forehead. The Ragdoll's forehead has the appearance of a flat plane between the ears. With blue oval eyes, the nose should be a gentle scoup witn no bump on the nose, the ears are broad based, with slightly rounded tips tilted forwards falling in line with the outer corner of the eye. The neck should be short, heavy and strong, with a long substantial body, the tummy should have a fatty pad on the lower abdomen (called the greater Omentum), and the tail is as long as the body. Remember that the Ragdoll (a true Ragdoll) is a blue-eyed pointed cat; any other eye color means there is another breed cat in your cat's ancestry -- and therefore, not 100% Ragdoll! There is no such thing as a nontraditional Ragdoll. The Ragdoll is a blue-eyed, pointed cat! The Ragdoll does not come in a solid white with blue eyes, mink, sepia (with aqua eyes) or solid colors or what some call nontraditional Ragdolls! There is another breed mixed into their gene pool. Even though registration papers may not be important to you, please be sure that your Ragdoll is registered with CFA and only purchase a registered Ragdoll baby. Registration papers insure the integrity of your Ragdoll's background, helping to make sure that you are purchasing a family companion who is indeed a Ragdoll and not a mixture of a Ragdoll and another breed.

Please enjoy my web pages!

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